Best blog posts, articles, videos, etc on OKRs

Know a great resource on OKRs? Post it here for the community!

Rick Klau’s 1:21:49 video on the subject: How Google sets goals: OKRs / Startup Lab Workshop - YouTube

This is how we at got to know OKRs back in September 2013!

A must. Jeff Weiner’s take on OKRs and how the helped them at Linkedin: The Management Framework that Propelled LinkedIn to a $20 Billion Company | First Round Review

Christina Wodtke’s booklet: Introduction to OKRs [Book] (behing free-trial wall).

Article on moonshots by Gary Hamel on Harvard Business Review: Moon Shots for Management

Again, another of Christina’s writings: The Art of the OKR, Redux – Eleganthack